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Will an Obama Win Kill the Dividend Stock?

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A recent report from Barclays (NYSE: BCS) shows that more than 40% of polled investors fear an Obama win could hurt investment gains. That’s compared to less than 5% of those polled who fear Romney could do the same.



And the biggest potential change in investment taxes seems to be dividends.


By conservative measures, dividend taxes could triple for some investors – and at least double for almost everyone else.


Before tomorrow’s election, there’s one piece of additional research you should look into.


It’s a report just published by Ian Wyatt, CEO and Founder of Wyatt Investment Research. It details a unique type of dividend company that will be almost entirely exempt from any additional taxes on dividends.


For income investors it might be the perfect solution to higher taxes that are due to hit Americans on January 1st, 2013.


Click here for the full story on these unique dividend companies.


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Ian Wyatt

Chief Investment Strategist

Wyatt Investment Research



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