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Triple-digit Gains from Biotech’s Dirty Little Secret

Triple-digit Gains from Biotec’s Dirty Little Secret

The Dirty Little Biotech Secret That Can Make You Rich

Fellow Investor,

      Here at InsiderInsights, I uncover, follow and recommend all sorts of stocks based on the “smart money.” That is, what the insiders are doing.

      But I particularly love biotech stocks.

Meet the Man
Who’s Transforming Insider Trades Into Outsized Profit

Jonathan Moreland

     A pioneer in interpreting insider trading data with greater accuracy and profitability, Jonathan Moreland has been analyzing insider data for more than two decades. He is the author of a popular and respected book on the subject, Profit From Legal Insider Trading and is frequently quoted by major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and CNBC.

     Jonathan began working with insider data in the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, he developed, the first outlet of its kind for timely, comprehensive and affordable insider information and analysis.

     In 2001, his disenchantment with inaccurate reporting and dangerous misinterpretation of insider trading data led Jonathan to develop a newsletter on insider investing in which he uses his unique, proprietary insider data screens and analysis to identify highly profitable stock recommendations for subscribers.

     A fundamental analyst with an MBA in finance from Henley Management College in England, the oldest business school in Europe, Jonathan uses his decades of experience and breadth of knowledge of both market fundamentals and insider trading data to show investors how easy it is to profit by following the smart money.

As part of a special introductory offer, you can test-drive Jonathan’s insider strategy for the next 90 days risk-free.

      Why? Because in perhaps no other industry are the insights we get from following the moves of insiders so important and so revealing.

      Obviously, insiders are prohibited by law from trading based on “material” knowledge you and I don’t have.

      But let’s be realistic…

      How can decisions by the people running the company to buy, to hold, or to sell stock in that company not be influenced by their insider knowledge, expertise and access to what’s really going on…

…by their insights into which drugs under development are going to be blockbusters and which ones are dogs.

…by what they know of how all the tests and studies they have under way are going.

…by whether they believe the FDA is going to approve, deny, or take some other action on a pending drug application.

…and by dozens of other critical touchpoints that can help determine whether a biotech company turns into another Genentech or goes belly up.

      That said, you can’t just blindly mimic what the insiders do and expect to profit. You have to know which insiders to follow. And how to interpret their actions in the right way. (You can’t simply buy when they buy and sell when they sell.)

      But when you do know how to read, interpret and use insider data, you get the kind of insights that led us to biotech gains like these:

  • — 394% in Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • — 138% in Cell Therapeutics (in just 9 months)
  • — 137% in Halozyme Therapeutics
  • — 86% in SangStat Medical (in a brief 18 weeks), and
  • — 63% in Genta (in an even briefer 11 weeks)

      If you want to get in on our next biotech profit frenzy, simply request a no-risk test drive of InsiderInsights and you’ll get instant access to a FREE report, 4 Hot Biotechs Insiders Love… In it, you’ll find opportunities like these…

  • Amazing compound turns ordinary drugs into super-drugs — This small California company licenses a breakthrough compound to other drug companies that makes their drugs more effective, safer and easier to take. Some of big pharma’s biggest names are already lining up to incorporate it into some of their drugs. With literally hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs on the market around the world—and more being developed every day—the market for this drug super-charging compound is huge. No wonder directors of the company, as well as a big biotech institutional investor, steadily bought the stock toward the end of last year during a period of flat price growth. That to me is a sure sign of confidence by insiders in a position to really know what’s going on…
  • The biotech firm that stops cancer from reproducing — They’ve already got one blockbuster cancer drug, plus a few more that haven’t hit that magic $1 billion sales mark quite yet. In addition, they have four promising drugs undergoing clinical testing with potentially huge market opportunities. Best of all, they’re about to acquire a technology that, by disabling certain proteins, literally stops tumors from growing. And insiders have made all the right buying moves I like to see that indicate high confidence in a stock—such as increasing their stakes significantly and holding onto exercised options.
  • Ready for lightening to strike a third time — Not all insiders are inside the company. We also closely follow big institutional investors—especially those who time and time again lead us to big profits. One such “insider” investor has done so twice before on biotech companies. Now he’s bought a huge block of shares in this development-stage biotech play. The company has multiple billion-dollar drug opportunities in the pipeline. Yet it’s currently valued at less than $200 million.
  • Growing new skin and profits — This company specializes in state-of-the-art wound care products that incorporate micro-nutrients and other proprietary treatments. But what really has me excited is a new compound they’ve developed that has already shown effectiveness in accelerating healing and reducing scar formation. Recently, the CEO confirmed this company’s high potential by nearly doubling his stock holdings, and a major capital investment fund has also taken a significant stake.

     You’ll find out about every one of these insider profit opportunities in 4 Hot Biotech Stocks Insiders Love. And I’ll give you access to a copy instantly— just for taking my InsiderInsights advisory service out for a 90 day risk-free test drive.

Profit Like an Insider—
Courtesy of the U.S. Government

     Of course, you or I would quickly get arrested if we tried to trade based on non-public information. Even Gordon “Greed Is Good” Gekko (aka Michael Douglas) is making public service announcements warning against it.

      But fortunately, there’s a perfectly legal, moral and ethical way to profit from what insiders know. And that is to use the very public data collected and published by the U.S. government itself!

      As you probably know, I’m talking about the fact that corporate officers and other insiders are required to tell the SEC every time they buy or sell shares in their own company. Heck, if they sneeze on a share of stock, they have to report it. And any savvy investor can look it up.

I have used this service to great benefit in managing $450 million in assets. I highly recommend InsiderInsights for its quality and timeliness.

RWC, Wisconsin

      You may already know about insider trading data. You may even use it in your own investing. But what you may not know is how to turn it from a good and useful tool to one that can set your portfolio on fire.

      For example, there are five criteria that tell me that an insider’s stock purchase truly reflects his certain confidence in the company’s future. Certain price movements before a buy or sell can be tremendously meaningful. And it makes a huge difference what type of transaction the insider made (open or closed market, part of a compensation package, an expiring option, and so on).

      It’s only when you know how to look beneath the surface of the trades like these that the tremendous power of insider trading data comes alive, and that can light a fire under your portfolio.

      In fact, there are 12 questions that you should ask about ANY insider trade that will enable you to determine what the transaction really means. I’ve put them all together in my “Insider Trade Checklist for Profits,” which I’d like you to have.

      You can get a FREE copy of it simply by taking my new service, InsiderInsights, on a 90 day risk-free test drive. (Click here for details.)

      And now, let’s take a look at my system in action…

How Insiders Tipped Us Off to 394% Profits
in a Little-Known Pharmaceutical Company

     I wanted to add a pharmaceutical company to my buy list, so I waited patiently for insiders to show us one that was poised to take off.

     Insider trading activity soon pointed the way to Valeant Pharmaceuticals

     Because it was trading near its 52-week highs, some might have considered us a bit late to the party. Little did they know that a much bigger party was on the way!

     But we knew—because the insiders were proclaiming it loudly and clearly, if you understood how to read between the lines of their Form 4s.

     Nine execs had purchased nearly $1.5 million worth of Valeant for between $16.02 and $26.69. Three in this cluster who purchased nearer the lower price, then averaged up their holdings near the high end of that range. That’s an extremely bullish sign in my experience.

     Best of all, these were all “hands-on” executives in the company. That means a whole lot more to me than a purchase by, for instance, an outside board member.

     The positive signals from the corporate office were further reinforced by large shareholder ValueAct Holdings, an extremely well-respected and successful investment management company. (As you may know, large shareholders are technically considered “insiders” and must also file Form 4s with the SEC. As well they should!)

     So I really took notice when they increased their holdings by 34% to 17.8 million shares!

     Of course, the fundamentals had to scream “buy” as well—and they did.

     Revenues increased by nearly 21% year-over-year. Earnings per share came in at 77 cents versus a hefty loss for the year before. And management seemed to be doing a great job of both shedding assets that were weighing them down and acquiring ones that were lifting up revenue and profits.

     So we backed up the truck and loaded up, stayed with it as growth slowed but momentum continued, and by the time we left the party, we were 394% richer.

     But this isn’t the only example of the power of insider trading data. Not by a long shot…

Insiders Speak With Their Wallets and Fill Ours
With 101% Profits in Just 6 Months

     I love it when insiders let their wallets do the talking and the wallets scream: “Buy this stock quickly!”

A class act. Keep up the good work! Your service is uniquely helpful in navigating the unpredictable stock market.

SH, Arizona

     Rural/Metro (RURL) provides private ambulance and fire protection services for smaller communities.

     Its fundamentals looked excellent. But just as telling, a respected investment group, a director, and the firm’s new president spent an entire year averaging up their holdings to the tune of $8.3 million. That shows a lot of consistency and confidence.

     Director Conrad A. Conrad (yes, his real name) invested less than $80,000 of that total. But (and this is why you really need to look beneath the surface) I discovered that he had purchased $70,000 worth of Rural/Metro 3 years earlier—when shares were almost a third the cost.

     Why is that so important? The fact that he chose to invest a larger dollar amount even though the stock was nearly triple the price of his last purchase really told me that he had faith in the firm’s progress.

     We held on to the stock for about half of 2011 and banked 101% profits. Got anything in your portfolio that’s gone up 101% in 6 months?

Soon After Insiders Sold Out, We Walked Out
With a 34% Return in Just 4 Weeks

     Sometimes insider sell signals are so strong on a stock we don’t own, I can’t resist grabbing some nice profits with a quick short.Try it Risk-Free

     If you had joined me on RealD, a maker of 3-D glasses, you would have pocketed a quick 34% in just one month.

     Here’s what happened…

     I saw that insiders were selling into price weakness.

     Now I’ve found that when insiders sell into price weakness—when they’re in such a hurry to sell that they’re willing to settle for a low price—that’s a huge red flag waving in the breeze. Even, as in this case, when the company had just unexpectedly posted its first profit.

     Tellingly, two of the insiders initiated 10b5-1 automatic selling plans. (An automated selling plan? My goodness, how little confidence can you have in your company’s stock!) In addition, RealD’s CFO now held nothing, having long ago flipped his first wad of options for a risk-free profit.

     So, we opened a short position, held on to it for four weeks and closed it out with a 34% profit. Not bad for a month’s “work.” (My quickest gain for 2011, however, was the 51% we snagged on Uranium Resources—on a long trade in just a week.)

Insider Buys $100 Million Worth of Stock.
Clear Buy Signal, Right? Wrong!

     A capital commitment by an insider of $100 million worth of stock should set off my buy alarms, right? After all, I’m an insider guy.

     Yet when Michael Dell forked over $99,711,598 for 4,503,600 shares of Dell between June 27 and July 1, 2008 (one of the largest open-market buys by an individual in years), it didn’t even make my “keep an eye on it” list.

     Here’s why…

     The purchase only boosted his holdings by a mere 2.1%. So although an impressive purchase dollar-wise, it hardly indicated a significant upsurge in Mr. Dell’s confidence in his own company.

     What’s more, nine other insiders had seen fit to sell their shares, even though the share price was down. (Once again: Selling into weakness is a sure sign of a lack of faith in your company’s prospects.)

     What’s more, four of the sellers sold over 10% of their holdings. One sold half his position.

     Sure, the total dollar value of the insider sales was small ($12.4 million) compared to Dell’s gargantuan purchase. But the sellers outnumbered the buyers. And the sellers were putting a much greater percentage of their money on the line. (Well, actually taking it off the line.)

     Dell stock was selling for $22.31 the week of July 7. Less than eight months later, it had plunged down to $7.38. And even today, as I write this, it’s still only up to $16.98—still nowhere near the price at which poor Michael Dell bought his shares.

     Why not let me help you avoid stocks like that? And stick with the highfliers?

10 Great Reasons to Join Me in Following
the Smart Money Straight to Bigger Profits

     Following the “smart money” makes sense, of course.

Your insider screening tool is the best I’ve seen yet.

JG, Australia

     But, with the avalanche of insider data out there these days, the trick is figuring out which money is smart and which isn’t.

     In short, you’ve got to filter out the noise until all that remains is the insider insights that give you a powerfully profitable investing advantage.

     And that’s what I do for members of my InsiderInsights advisory service. My staff and I (with a little help from some super-powerful computers) pore over the one to four thousand Form 4 filings of insider transactions submitted to the SEC every day.

     We spend hundreds and hundreds of hours filtering out the noise and identifying the patterns and the specific insider trades that should be influencing all your investment decisions.

     Then we serve up those data in simple, easy-to-understand formats, combined with analysis that puts it all in perspective and tells you what the numbers really mean. So you’ll know not just what the insiders are doing, but why they’re doing it.

     Then, after subjecting the stocks that insiders are pointing at to a layer of brutally hard-nosed fundamental analysis, we make the portfolio recommendations that enable you to turn it all into profits.

     Perhaps you’d like to join in the profitable fun? After all, as you’ll see below, you’re fully protected by an ironclad, unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

     Here’s what you can expect as a Charter Member of my InsiderInsights advisory service:

  • Weekly InsiderInsights Newsletter — Delivered right to your inbox every Friday, each issue gives you an in-depth look at the week’s insider trading and market situation, a recap of the week’s most significant insider activity (top 50 companies with the most insider trading and the week’s largest insider trades), plus recommendations for how to profit from those moves. You’ll also find my latest bullish and bearish New Finds—new opportunities we’re watching that we may pounce on in the days and weeks to come.Act Now
  • Email Alerts — I’ll notify you promptly by email when it’s time to exit current holdings or enter new opportunities. I’ll also alert you whenever there has been registered insider buying or selling activity on any of the active stocks in our Recommended List—even if I’m not suggesting you take any action as a result.
  • The opportunity to grab double- and triple-digit profits, like last year’s Valeant close-out of 394%.
  • Daily Top Trades Email Alerts — These will arrive in your inbox four times a day every day that the SEC is open. These alerts contain the top 20 largest dollar value insider purchases and sales filed daily. This gives you a huge jump on and advantage over other investors!
  • Unlimited 24/7 Priority Access to the Subscriber-Only Website — Our completely revamped members-only website features archives of past issues and alerts, the current recommended list of stocks (which link to the original articles recommending them in addition to the latest updates), our subscriber forum, videos that bring me right into your home, and loads of insider data that will have you following the smart money in no time! Be sure to check out the easy-to-use Online Insider Screening Tool and see how fun (and profitable!) it is to use this tool to screen and evaluate stocks based on insider trading.
  • Quarterly Webinars — You’ll love these opportunities for lively, interactive exchanges as I show you how to put the insider trading advantage to work for your portfolio.
  • Special Reports — Published periodically on important topics, they will give you the in-depth background you need and collectively form a must-have library for the savvy investor.
  • Answers to Your Questions — One of the benefits of this service is that you don’t have to have unanswered questions about what you’re doing. I will answer questions via the online forum and live during the quarterly webinars. In addition, as a member, you’ll receive a special, private email address to send questions directly to me and my staff.
  • An absolutely unconditional 100% money-back guarantee — If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. That’s why you have three RISK-FREE months (90 days!) to test-drive InsiderInsights. Paper trade or buy my recommendations. See how easy it is to give yourself a permanent investing edge with insider intelligence and analysis. Then, if you’re not positively thrilled by the money you make and the invaluable insider insights you’ll receive, just say the word, and we’ll refund every penny you’ve paid—no questions asked. FREE
  • And last but not least… 4 Hot Biotechs Insiders LoveThis special report gives you complete details on my best biotech recommendations right now: 1) the small California company with the compound that turns ordinary drugs into super-drugs, 2) the biotech firm that stops cancer from reproducing, 3) the company with the undervalued multi-billion dollar pipeline, and 4) the wound care company that grows new skin and big profits.

Build Your Winning Portfolio
With “Moneyball Investing”

     If you haven’t been getting the results you’re looking for from your investments, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of the power of insider data used correctly? And legally. And ethically.

The intelligence in your advisory service is outstanding.

ED, New York

     But remember, there’s nothing magical about insider data in and of itself. The magic that transforms the data into big profits comes from knowing how to look at the data. How to read the tea leaves others can’t or won’t take the time and effort to. Or don’t even know about.

     Have you seen the movie Moneyball—based on the book by Michael Lewis? It’s the true story of the manager of a baseball team who defies conventional wisdom.

     Advised by an economics graduate, he stops looking for the players with the stats every other team is looking for, such as batting averages, runs batted in and stolen bases.

     Instead, he figures out which stats win games and then chooses players with those stats, like on-base percentage (getting on base for any reason divided by at bats) and slugging percentage (total bases divided by at bats). And he succeeds in putting together a winning team.

     So if you want to put together a winning portfolio of undervalued stocks, may I suggest it’s time for some unconventional wisdom?

     May I suggest it’s time to look at the insider trading data that 99% of investors overlook and that leads to the undervalued, high-performing stocks that win profits?

     May I suggest joining me and some of America’s savviest investors as a member of the InsiderInsights advisory service?

A No-Risk Offer
for Serious Investors Only

     The InsiderInsights advisory service is for investors who are serious about making serious money—even in a market like we’re in right now.

     That’s why we target the double- and triple-digit gains with an absolute minimum of risk—thanks to insights from the insiders. I’m just not happy with single-digit gains. (If you want nice, super-safe, single-digit returns, right now I would suggest T-bills.)

     And that’s also why you get so much with your membership: Major updates weekly (not monthly), trading alerts as needed, updates of major insider trades daily, and a members-only website with tons of constantly updated videos and other content, as well what many consider the best insider trading stock screen on the planet.

     This is definitely not the kind of insider trading “stats” you’ll find on Yahoo Finance. This is insider trading intelligence. My analysis and stock recommendations aside, getting access to this kind of in-depth, dependable, real-time insider trading data, insights and analysis would cost you thousands of dollars a year.

     But, of course, you won’t pay that much. Not even close…

     In fact, in view of the potential profits, the cost to reserve your spot today is extraordinarily reasonable. Because right now, as a pre-launch Charter member of the InsiderInsights advisory service, your cost is just $295 for a completely risk-free 3-month test drive.

     Consider this: My Uranium Resources recommendation made us 51% in a week. An investment of $5,000 bucks would have paid for your membership and left you with a tidy $2,255 in profits burning a hole in your pocket.

     Had you invested that $5,000 in Valeant when I recommended it, you’d be enjoying your $19,700 profit from its 394% gain. Your $295 membership fee would certainly be a small drop in that bucket!Get Your RISK-FREE TEST DRIVE

     And I know you’ve heard this analogy before, but really, what are we talking about here—the cost of a Starbucks latte a day?

     Up until now, the big institutional investors and hedge fund managers have been the main beneficiary of my service. They know the powerful advantage that lies hidden in insider trading data—if you know how to dig it out.

     That’s why they’ve paid me tens of thousands of dollars for my services and private consultations.

     So if you want to play with the same advantage that, until now, only the big boys have enjoyed—here’s your chance.

Big Upside. Zero Downside.
The Easiest Investment Decision
You’ll Ever Make…

     I’ve spent most of my adult life analyzing risk and making recommendations based on this analysis. And I’ve just got to say that I think it would be a very poor decision to pass up this amazingly low-priced, limited-time opportunity to get see my analysis techniques and recommendations in action—when the risk to you is absolutely zero.

     The worst that will happen is that you’ll leave after 90 days having enjoyed a free look at how to use insider trading data to your advantage in a way that every other investor you know is probably blissfully ignorant of. (Unless they’re already a member.)

     Click for your risk-free TEST DRIVE.

     The best that will happen is that you’ll stick around and join me in the profit banquet that comes from watching and understanding what the insiders are doing and why they’re
doing it.

Only a Few Days Left…

     A couple of final thoughts, but they’re important…

     This offer is for you and you alone. Please do not pass it along, because it is valid ONLY to qualified investors like you.

     This is a special pre-launch, charter membership offer. After the official launch I can no longer guarantee you a place, since we can only accept a limited number of members. Obviously, if too many people follow the same recommendations, we dilute our advantage, and that would be unfair to other members.

     So fair warning: Delay, and you’ll definitely miss out on any pre-launch alerts I send out. You’ll definitely miss out and the early mover advantage of getting into opportunities before everyone else. You’ll miss out on special pre-launch Charter Discount. And you could even miss out on your chance of getting in at all.

     That’s why I can’t emphasize this strongly enough: With the 90-day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by locking in your spot now. The ONLY way you can lose is by waiting or not acting at all.

     Ready? Great—that shows me that you’re serious and that you’re my kind of action-taking investor!

     Get started here, and I look forward to seeing you at the exclusive members-only website in just a few minutes.

Yours for big profits from insider trades,
Signed Jonathan Moreland
Jonathan Moreland
Editor, InsiderInsights

     P.S. I’m serious about my 3-month risk-free test drive. Not only can you access the same high-level, high-payoff insider trading intelligence and analysis that have long been a secret weapon for many big-time institutional investors and hedge fund managers, your 3-month membership fee is fully refundable just for the asking—right up to the last day. You’ve got 3 months to decide if it’s for you, so just click here to get started right now.



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