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Top 10 Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Investment Portfolio Now

Top 10 Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Investment Portfolio Now

Dividend investing is considered one of the most crucial elements in building a successful long term investing portfolio by any financial expert.  The problem is, finding those long term, high yield stocks that out perform the market and pay out excellent yields over time.  In essence, you too can utilize the power of compounding investments, just like the banks.

If there are companies out there that are going to pay you to be their shareholder, then why not take advantage of that?

Suze Orman, reknowned personal finance guru says “Focus your stock investments on those that pay dividends—payments a company makes to its shareholders.”

“Do I believe equities here represent a good opportunity? Absolutely. You have companies trading with dividend yields above 5%. With interest rates as low as they are, equities are a very powerful alternative for income, long-term inflation protection and price appreciation” says Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, whose company manages over $3.7 Trillion in assets.

Top 10 ividend stocks list below ranks stocks based on yield, dividend growth, net income growth, cash flow yield, payout ratio and one year return percentage. This top performing dividend list is based on historical performance and does not indicate how a stock will perform in the future. Consult a financial advisor before making an investment decision.

Company Symbol P/E Yield Free Cash
Flow Yield
5yr Div
Growth %
3yr Income
Growth %
1 Year
Return %
1 Members Only Members Only 10.75 3.48 11.38 5.43 17.8 37.3 17.72 100
2 Members Only Members Only 16.61 3.14 6.18 4.53 21.76 51.82 35.65 100
3 Members Only Members Only 21.05 2.26 4.83 12.67 7.5 46.74 20.83 99
4 Members Only Members Only 8.35 3.05 5.39 8.98 3.97 24.57 16.94 99
5 Members Only Members Only 14.04 3.33 9.15 26.77 43.92 45.8 10.91 98
6 Members Only Members Only 6.98 4.72 6.52 7.18 35.38 33.72 16.1 98
7 Members Only Members Only 12.63 2.43 9.53 17.13 20.45 30.12 18.76 98
8 Members Only Members Only 19.05 2.88 4.28 11.79 7.81 54.77 14.85 98
9 Members Only Members Only 14.9 2.43 7.09 13.3 10.89 36.2 30.49 98
10 Members Only Members Only 20.62 2.12 4.79 16.01 16.36 43.64 17.31 98


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