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The Real Reason for Last Week’s “Oil Flash” – and Why Crude Prices are Moving Back Up

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May 10, 2017

The Real Reason for Last Week’s “Oil Flash” – and Why Crude Prices are Moving Back Up


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Dear Oil & Energy Investor,

Late last week, crude oil prices took a nose dive. WTI (West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark crude rate for futures contracts in New York) declined 4.8% on Thursday, fueled by massive overnight (and overseas) sell-offs. That translated into a 7.7% dive for the week to date.

If there has ever been a better example of the tail wagging the dog, I haven’t seen it.

As you’ve seen me say before, swings in oil prices often have less to do with market dynamics and more to do with paper traders – people trading futures, options, and other hedges. Of course, what does happen in the actual market may be the initial prompt for how such derivatives are played.

This time, however, we had an avalanche of events that magnified the impact.

Here’s what happened – and where oil is heading next…

Ever since the Saudis declared their oil war, U.S. oil companies have been struggling with low crude prices. Last week’s “oil flash” – however short – only made things worse. That’s why Kent created a brand-new energy research company, with one goal: figure out which American shale companies will go under and which ones will prosper. Now he’s sharing some of the most important data – and how to make profits on both winners and losers – with his premium subscribers. Click here to see his briefing.



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