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The Forbidden Secret of the Super-Rich

 The Secret Tax-Free CD That Pays You 4% to 14% Guaranteed?







The Secret Tax-Free CD That Pays  You 4% to 14% Guaranteed
If you’re concerned the eurozone crisis will crush your wealth… If you’re afraid the stock market will go nowhere for the next five years…  If you’re frightened that your investments will never pay you  enough to retire…… then you must take the next 10 minutes to read this incredible eye-opening report on a hidden government-backed tax-free CD that will hand you annual dividends of 4% to 14% in quarterly payments that brokers, bankers, and insiders are piling into to boost their client returns and fund their own retirements.

Fellow Investor,

Your banker won’t tell you about them…

You won’t see them advertised on TV and…

The government will deny they exist…

Yet, as I write this, thousands of “in the know” investors are collecting millions of dollars in tax-free income while bypassing the risks of traditional stock investing along with the low-yields offered by bankers.

As our just-published research has uncovered, the annual tax-free payouts these little-known investments are delivering are incredible—from 4% to 14%—paid in quarterly installments.

That’s enough to fund your retirement and then some.

Hard to believe?

You bet. But not for the tens of thousands of investors who have already tapped into this incredible secret income source. Their lives will never be the same.

That’s why bankers, brokers, and insiders alike call this secret government backed investment the “The Secret Tax-Free CD.”

Once you learn about them and how much more money they will pay you, as we have, I guarantee you’ll call it the retirement saver.

One that will not only boost your income as much as 14 times and hand you rich capital gains but also protect you from the financial crisis in Europe that continues to crush investors.

For Americans nearing retirement age, this is truly a dream come true.

Just ask investors John Lipinski and Stanley Reiman.

Their “Secret Tax-Free CDs” are paying them more than $124,000 a year in quarterly installments.

Mark Pytosh is another high-net-worth investor who is thrilled with his $28,000 quarterly payouts from getting out of the traditional stock market and taking advantage of the government’s “Secret
Tax-Free CD.”

These are just a handful of investors who have discovered these Secret Tax-Free CDs and whose investing lives will never be the same.

So why is it that you’ve never heard of these government-authorized “Secret Tax-Free CDs” until now?

Because it’s another one of those “off the radar” investments that bankers, brokers, and insiders simply have been keeping to themselves for the past 26 years.

Why wouldn’t they?

Here in one investment they can collect high-yield, double-digit income tax-free backed by government decree that not only puts your money far away from Wall Street’s problems but also requires you to be paid quarterly—even if the market crashes!

Here’s the best part—since there are no minimum investment requirements, anyone can own them.

You will still get the 4% to 14% annual payouts in quarterly installments depending on which “Secret Tax-Free CD” you choose, whether you put $100 or $1 million in them.

That’s not even the half of it.

These tax-free equivalents were set up in a way that you can actually collect 90 days of income for owning the “Secret Tax-Free CD” for just two days.

What’s more, unlike a “regular” CD that locks you into one low rate, these tax-free alternatives will increase your income over time—as much as 200% in 10 years—along with bonus capital gains, you’ll find in few traditional Wall Street investments and comes complete with 100% liquidity so you don’t have to tie up your money for years.

In fact, one of the top “Secret Tax-Free CDs” we discovered not only handed investors 382% gains in 10 years but also increased its payouts 97% during the same time, turning a $10,000 investment into more than $60,000.

Through our research we’ve identified 10 more that could do that over the next 10 years.

So it’s no wonder they’re considered Wall Street’s best-kept secret or why the bankers, brokers, and other insiders have been keeping this one to themselves.

They can hand you a 4% to 14% payout—tax-free—along 30% with capital gains year after year after year without locking up your money over the long term.

Best of all, since the government has fully authorized them, the law requires you get paid.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if Greece falls, Spain reneges on its debts, or Wall Street drops 5,000 points, you are guaranteed to get paid or the government will yank these private investments’ tax-free status.

You can thank President Ronald Reagan for that.

You see, back in 1986 he signed a little-known tax-reform law that made this all possible.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a banking law but one designed to expand the country’s oil and gas infrastructure—giving tax breaks to investors who helped finance the country’s move to expand the pipeline fuel network that ships oil back and forth across the U.S.

The result allowed private investors to collect huge amounts of money tax-free from the oil companies that use these interstate pipelines to ship their oil around the country.

It was one of the greatest government/business win/wins of the time.

The USA was able to get the pipelines built without the government picking up the tab, and the investors were able to recoup their investments tax-free for life.

Of course, that was 26 years ago.

Now that the country’s pipeline infrastructure has already been built, these pipeline networks have simply become “cash cow” income collectors that profit from every drop of oil the big oil companies ship, from the Gulf Coast to Canada, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from Texas to New York, and beyond—all 55,000 miles!

This is why these pipeline companies can pay you such high yields and why they can hand them to you tax-free.

And it’s all because many paid off their start-up costs long ago and still get to distribute 90% of their income to shareholders.

In fact, they have to or they will lose their tax-free status.

That’s also why you’re guaranteed to profit and collect huge dividends no matter what happens with oil or gas prices or with the stock market in general.

How can this be?

The reasons are many:

  1. Pipeline companies profit from shipping oil, not drilling or refining it. So it doesn’t matter what the price is. They get paid fees to ship it when prices are high and when prices are low.
  2. As a result, they profit from every drop of oil they ship from the docks to the refineries to storage—no matter what is happening on Wall Street or in Europe.
  3. What’s more, because many pipelines are virtual monopolies in their areas, you have a locked-in source of cash flow that continues to rise on volume.
  4. Since we are a car-dependent economy, and there’s no sign this will change any time soon, these companies can even forecast their payouts long into the future, which have a history of rising 50%, 75%, even 100% over a decade!

The best part—all you have to do is join the partnership to receive your share of the 4% to 14% payouts these companies can offer you.

As we discovered, it’s so incredibly easy you’ll kick yourself.

You can buy a partnership share on the stock exchange just like a stock, only the payouts are bigger and you won’t pay any tax on your dividends.

What’s more, as a partner, you can reinvest your dividend payments for even more shares or collect the money monthly or quarterly, depending on which “Secret Tax-Free CD” you choose.

It’s your choice.

Those who have chosen to reinvest their CD payments have done quite well over the past decade, with as much as 382% gains and 97% dividend growth.

And as long as the U.S.—and much of the world, for that matter—continues to run on fossil fuels, the next 10 years look to be just as profitable.

Not just for these pipeline companies, but also for a number of special-situation natural resources sectors the government also handed the same tax-free status to back in 1986 to promote energy independence and tap the country’s great natural energy resources.

This is why so many investors have moved a huge portion of their investment and retirement money out of the stock market and into these alternative investments, because you simply can’t lose with their market-beating, tax-free growth that’s been granted by law.

That’s why I can so enthusiastically endorse them and why I’ve sent you this special presentation.

So you, too, can get in on the receiving end of these payouts that are as easy to collect as stock dividends, only without the risk inherent in traditional stock market investments.

I have to admit; in my 20+ years of researching income investments, I have never seen anything safer or more profitable than these “Secret Tax-Free CDs.” Not oil stocks, tech stocks, consumer durables, utilities, bonds, preferred shares, you name it.

The reason is simple:

You get high yields, a rising source of tax-free income, rich capital gains, and market protection all wrapped up in one investment for which the government requires you get paid.

Here’s how to get started.

Currently, there are more than 78 of these natural resource and oil-backed “Secret Tax-Free CDs” that occupy monopoly-like positions in pipelines, oil terminals, natural gas storage, propane marketing, and even tanker shipping.

Every single one of them will continue to profit from America’s continuing dependence on fossils fuels.

Of course, just like stocks, not all pipeline companies were created equal—especially those whose earnings exceed cash flow and their ability to deliver huge payouts.

That’s why I’ve put all of them under the microscope—narrowing the list to the top 10 based on explosive dividend growth, capital gains potential, and high yield.

As you’ll see, the payouts will knock your socks off—handing you the same fat $30,000 quarterly tax-free payouts John Lipinski, Stanley Reiman, and Mark Pytosh are collecting right now.

Best of all, as a limited partner in these companies you don’t have to do anything to collect your money.

That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, these limited partnerships are sold just like stock shares on the stock exchanges.

You buy them as you buy any stock. The only difference—and I repeat, the only difference—is that you collect your income tax-free.

In a moment, I’ll give you my complete research on these 10 “Secret Tax-Free CDs” free, along with my complete rationale for why they represent the best of the best and the stock symbols you’ll need to buy each one of them with a click of a mouse.

You’ll find everything in my just-published research report called “10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed.

In it you’ll discover why it’s as easy to become a partner/shareholder as it is to buy a share of stock—only the payouts are much bigger.

You’ll also discover how you can collect your first paycheck—up to 90 days of income—two days after you make your first investment.

You’ll also discover something else…

Why this could be the easiest way to fund your retirement you’ve ever seen—offering you both high income in the short term and economic stability over both the short and the long term.

But first, you’re probably wondering who I am and how I can make this claim.

My name is Bryan Perry, and as a former financial advisor for Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers, my job was to research and bring my high-net-worth clients the most profitable investments on Wall Street.

As I continually looked at the entire universe of tech stocks, blue chips, small caps, utilities, and energy stocks for the best investments on Wall Street, one thing became clear:

These pipeline companies were not only unbeatable over the long term but saved you from market meltdowns, thanks to their high yields and tax-free status—with some delivering long-term annual average returns of 25% and yields as high as 14%.

That’s why dozens of major corporations and insiders loaded up on these pipeline companies years ago—to grab not only their huge yields and quarterly payouts but long-term, double-digit gains.

That’s also why I wanted to send you my research here so that you, too, could take advantage of these hidden opportunities many “in the know” are using to build their wealth.

If you are concerned about funding your retirement, could use a huge boost of income or capital gains, or just want to sidestep the giant roller coaster Wall Street has been taking you on lately, you owe it to yourself to check out my research firsthand, especially if you’re near or at retirement age.

That way you’ll see for yourself the superior advantages and payouts these oil-backed “Secret Tax-Free CDs” can offer you, how easy it is to invest in them, how they can protect you from the turmoil that’s spilling across Wall Street today, and why I feel so enthusiastic about recommending them.

Just click the link at the bottom of this article and I will send my complete research on all 10 of them free.

Meanwhile, here’s a preview of the first three on our list and the kind of steady income and tax-free profits they can bring you.

As you’ll see…

“Secret Tax-Free CD” No. 1 is just the first of many high-yielding pipeline companies that profits like a giant toll-taker, banking millions of dollars annually from the company’s nearly 28,000 miles of centrally located oil and natural gas pipelines in the U.S. where major energy companies ship crude oil, natural gas, and refined oil to more than 180 distribution terminals.

As a result, the company generates nearly $3 billion in cash flow—90% of which gets paid back to investors in the form of quarterly dividend checks.

Over the past 20 years, the company has raised its dividend an incredible 1,400% while handing investors 5,207% gains—and that’s through two Gulf wars, the tech collapse of 2000, AND the subprime sell-off of 2008 and the current euro crisis.

Since 1997, the company has annually returned an average of 26% to shareholders—not including reinvested dividends.

That’s enough to double your money every three and a half years. Few investments can boast that kind of success or the kind of high yield this “Secret Tax-Free CD” is delivering now.

My just-published report, “10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed,” will show you how easy it is to collect your first check, along with providing an inside view of our other 10 “Secret Tax-Free CDs.”

Because this company is set to declare its next dividend soon, if you act quickly on this you could grab the next quarterly payout without having to own it for 90 days.

Just click the link at the bottom of this page to download your free copy.

In the meantime, here’s an inside look at another of our “Secret Tax-Free CDs” that could also hand you a rich and rising income along with market-beating capital gains.

“Secret Tax-Free CD” No. 2 is another incredible centrally located oil pipeline company whose shareholders are simply making money hand over fist.

It’s no wonder, the company profits from shipping 3 million barrels of oil daily through its 16,000 miles of pipeline that stretches from Edmonton, Canada, down to the Gulf of Mexico.

With the odds growing greater each day that the Keystone energy pipeline will never be built, this is one operation you can count on for income and growth, as it may never ever have any competition shipping oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

So it’s no wonder this partnership’s quarterly earnings earnings per share have grown 10% over the last five years and that the company has doubled its quarterly distribution over the last 10 years.

After all, the company has a monopoly-like position in its sector that would cost a competitor billions to compete against—if it could get the approvals.

That’s why it doesn’t matter what goes on in Europe or the Mideast or on Wall Street when it comes to these kinds of investments.

You see, as long as the USA is a car-driven, fuel-dependent nation, you’re going to see your income rise here as this company continues to occupy the toll-taker position in America’s biggest pipeline operation.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The Wall Street’s biggest insiders feel this way too, with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, UBS, and 17 additional major shareholders each holding millions of shares—thanks to the huge quarterly cash tax-free payouts they’re set to receive.

As a shareholder here, you’ll profit, too, as the cash continues to pour in from shipping oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond—no matter what the price of oil is.

And it’s all because the company makes money shipping oil through its monopoly-like pipelines—which ALL the oil companies must use to get their oil out of the Gulf and into the rest of the country.

That’s why you can count on receiving a continuous series of paychecks here no matter what happens in Greece, Spain, or China.

This is why so many investors are abandoning traditional dividend stock market for these high-yield “Secret Tax-Free CD” equivalents as volatility gets even greater, because the government guarantees you are going to get paid, lest these companies risk losing their tax-free status.

For these reasons, you really owe it to yourself to get my full research here and then decide.

“10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed” will bring you all the details on these incredible opportunities along with how to get your first (and succeeding) checks deposited directly into your checking account.

Your Timing Is Perfect to Get Started

The reasons are plenty.

First and foremost, the basket of 10 “Secret Tax-Free CDs” we’ve identified is not only offering the highest and safest yields on the planet but also comes complete with long histories of handing investors double-digit average returns—tax-free.

Second, with the Bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, we expect a rush of investors to pile into these opportunities, driving the stock prices up and the yields down. By acting now, you’ll get the best of both worlds—high yield and strong capital gains.

Third, with the crisis in Europe getting more volatile, these “Secret Tax-Free CDs” have continued to provide investors with an oasis of safety and profits they’re not getting from the general stock market as they continue to profit from all the oil that continues to be shipped around the country.

Fourth, with summer driving season taking off and gas prices falling, we expect to see the pipeline companies’ income and payouts increase as refineries begin to work overtime to get the oil company summer blends out to the pump.

You’ll get the full story FREE in my latest research report—“10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed.”

Just click the link at the end of this presentation to get my full research on all of them.

In the meantime, let me tell you about the third incredible opportunity that most investors are missing and that you’ll read about in your free report.

“Secret Tax-Free CD” No. 3 is another rock-solid pipeline partnership that’s made investors 1,385% richer over the past 14 years and that profits not only from pipeline fees but also from storing gas for big oil companies.

With gas supplies at record levels and driving down, this is one partnership you can continue to own for superior income and growth long into the future as oil companies are forced to warehouse their oil.

What you’ll like most about owning a piece of this company is that you not only profit from the oil they send from Louisiana to New York but also their growing Natural Gas Liquids segment.

With China turning to low-cost natural gas to fuel its growth, we see this pipeline company’s fortunes growing greater as China’s consumption continues to outpace its internal production.

With Asian markets paying six times what the USA pays for gas and Europe now paying four times what we pay, this is one opportunity that could double this company’s income from $2 billion to $4 billion—thanks to their 20 natural gas shipping terminals strategically located in the Gulf of Mexico.

And with the company required by law to pay out 90% of its income to investors, the company has raised its dividend payout 30 consecutive quarters.

With the company set to declare its next payout in the next few weeks, I would like to rush you a copy FREE copy of “10 Tax-Free CDs That Will Pay You from 4% to 14% Guaranteed.”

That way you, too, can grab 90 days worth of dividend income for owning this one is as little as two days as you’ll see in your free report.

In fact, “10 Secret Tax-Free CDs” is just the first of four free reports I want to send you that will bring dozens more “off the radar” high-yield income opportunities that, like these “Secret Tax-Free CDs,” offer you steady growth and stable dividends not found today on Wall Street.

The first brings you a panoramic overview of the huge payouts you can grab in the telecommunications sector—along with the top stock we’ve identified for steady growth and regular dividends.

As you’ll learn, with the Apple-led smartphone revolution in full gear, a number of telecoms are simply making money hand over fist and richly rewarding investors with incredible yields.

Surprisingly, I’m not talking about AT&T but another global telecom that continues to outperform it behind the scenes over both the long and the short term, outperforming AT&T by roughly 10% over the last two years and even more over the last five.

You’ll get the full story in my second forecast, called “Dialing for Dollars: How to Grab Huge Gains and Fat Dividends in the Telecom Sector.”

As you’ll see, your profits are virtually assured, too, not by government decree but simply by the growth of a sector that’s virtually invulnerable to whatever is happening around the world, as Americans are still going to use their phones and download songs no matter what.

I’d also like to send you another FREE report that can boost your income 10 times in a quick move.

Like these pipeline plays and telecom opportunities, these, too, are rock-solid yet hidden high-yield opportunities that most investors simply do not know exist.

Surprisingly, this opportunity is in the beaten-down mortgage sector.

That’s right, the mortgage sector. And these opportunities will pay you from 11% to 15% safely too. How can this be?

Let me explain…

What most investors don’t realize is that just like the banking sector that was beaten up in the 2008 sell-off and that has come roaring back, so has the mortgage sector. It’s no wonder really.

The poor performers went under while the strongest companies got bigger and stronger as interest rates dropped and profits increased.

As a result, my top mortgage REIT came back the strong, with gains of 92% over the past five years, not including their fat dividends.

As a result, a $100,000 investment here would now be worth more than $217,000 with $124,000 of this total return being paid to you in dividends.

Compared to what you would have received in a five-year CD ($1,800) or in five-year Treasury ($710) and without the growth, you can see why high-net-worth investors Chris Kuehl and Peter Federico are smiling all the way to the bank.

You see how you can collect similar payouts in my third report, “10 Times Richer in Mortgage-Backed REITS.”

If this mortgage REIT can deliver these kinds of gains over the past five years, you can only imagine the gains and dividends they will deliver, as the housing sector gets stronger.

Finally, I’d like to send you one additional FREE report. This could be the most important one of all.

You see, right now with the economy teetering and so many investors seeking stable growth and solid dividends, they are unwittingly rushing into the wrong stocks in the wrong sectors—companies without the sales, earnings or dividend growth to sustain their payouts.

Surprisingly, many of the riskiest companies have the biggest names. As many investors learned with Washington Mutual, a big name and juicy payout is no promise you won’t lose your shirt.

My fourth free report, “30 Dead Dividend Stocks to Sell Immediately,” will guide you away from the losers that could pull the plug on your future.

Just click the link at the end of this presentation and you can download it FREE along with your free copies of “10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed,” “Dialing for Dollars: How to Grab Huge Gains and Fat Dividends in the Telecom Sector,” and “10 Times Richer in Mortgage-Backed REITS.”

All four of these are yours to keep, as my gifts to you, for simply giving my Cash Machine advisory a free try.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed at what you learn, because much of what I will send you has never appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or Barron’s, because their job is to report the news and not report on the high-yield income alternatives that can hand you steady gains, reliable dividends, and guaranteed payouts as I do.

That’s why I’m making everything available to you free in hope that you’ll try my Cash Machine monthly research and income advisory that brings you the incredibly profitable “off the radar,” high-yield income investments that the financial media never covers and that insiders regularly keep to themselves.

I’m proud to say that since 2007, our research and advice have not only identified more than 65 double- and triple-digit gainers but also delivered annual payouts of as much as 14% along with wondrous tax-free benefits.

I speak, for example, of LINN Energy (+140%), Atlantic Power Company (109%), Penn Virginia Resource Partners (126%), and Alliance Resource Partners (+119%), just to name a few of our closed positions.

When you download our current research, you’ll find our open positions could deliver even bigger gains as the market continues to get more volatile, interest remains low, and investors see the safety that only financially solid high-dividend-paying stocks can provide.

High-yield opportunities that nine out of 10 investors have never heard about, like

  • The Canadian health care provider that pays an 8% annual dividend in monthly installments that’s already handed my readers 53%
  • The little municipal bond fund that pays you 6% annually in monthly installments, which has returned a 27% total return to date
  • The insider-owned specialty technology fund that pays you 8% in quarterly installments and whose only goal is to find, finance, and profit from the next Google, eBay, or Apple.
  • Then there’s the tax-free seaborne shipping company that has the same tax-free payouts as the pipeline companies we’re investing in with a similar high payout of 13%, a rise of 209% since December of 2008. As you’ll see in your free report, it too was granted tax-privileges because it too expands the fuel net work but instead of on the land, it does so on the sea.

That’s what makes Cash Machine different, and better, in my opinion, than other research investment advisories, as our mission is twofold:

  1. To bring you the high-yield income opportunities you never heard about, and
  2. To make sure that you never run out of money in retirement—all by investing ONLY in the highest- and safest-paying opportunities in the market.

By simply following the advice my research advisory brings you each month, you, too, should expect to receive annualized dividend payouts of 5% to 14% along with annual total returns of 20% or more.

Of course, the only way I know you will really believe what I’m saying is to read our reports, look at our investments, and see for yourself the kind of profits than my research can bring you over the long term.

That’s why I’ve made it possible for you to receive not only all of our research reports FREE but also a full year of my advisory risk-free.

To be sure, I couldn’t make such an offer if the investments I’ve described here didn’t pay off as promised and you were disappointed in any way. That would only work to tarnish my reputation and alienate you as an investor and I couldn’t continue to publish my research if I did that.

However, as surely as John Lipinski, Stanley Reiman, and Mark Pytosh have already received their payouts, I know you won’t be disappointed, because what I will be sending you will continue to deliver the kind of high yield
and profits that I’ve described above or your subscription will be on me.

Let me give you a panoramic overview of what you can expect to receive FREE for simply accepting my invitation today, along with the many benefits of being a Cash Machine subscriber.

Or if you prefer, you can jump to the bottom now and click the link to download everything and get started.

First and foremost, you’ll receive a free copy of my just published research report, “10 Secret Tax-Free CDs That Will Pay You 4% to 14% Guaranteed,” containing the best-of-the-best tax-free Master Limited Partnerships available to you today. You’ll see how they can protect you from the current crisis on Wall Street along with why owning them and collecting your dividends is as easy as owning one share.

Second, you’ll also receive the free “Dialing for Dollars: How to Grab Huge Gains and Fat Dividends in the Telecom Sector.”

I can’t emphasize this enough. With the smartphone revolution showing no signs of slowing down, here, too, is one sector that will continue to reward you with outsized dividends and generous capital gains.

As you’ll see, my top pick here leads the pack with a near 5% yield and 50% annual total return potential long into the future.

You’ll also receive a free copy of my just published report, “10 Times Richer in Mortgage REITS.”

In it, you’ll discover how the risk has been simply squeezed out of this sector and how our each of our top picks can continue to deliver average annual payouts of 12% or more year after year—that’s 10 times more than what you can get paid in a CD and five times more than you can get paid from “average” Dow stocks.

In addition, you’ll also get a free copy of perhaps my most important special report, “30 Dead Dividend Stocks to Sell Now.”

In it, you’ll find 30 widely held big-name dividend stocks whose fortunes are about to collapse for the same reason as the European Union—they’re all layered with debt that their current sales and earnings simply can’t service.

Our research shows it’s just a matter of time before these companies report negative earnings and slash their dividends and the ensuing sell-off results in a price collapse of 20% or more.

Together your free reports will lay the foundation for every high-yield alterative income solution I bring you in the weeks and months ahead.

As a regular reader…

  • Every month, you’ll get our complete economic overview and specific recommendations that can build a rich and rising income stream that will protect you from inflation, recession, and the kind of wild market swings we are seeing now.
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There’s also one additional benefit that’s exclusive to Cash Machine that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike most investment advisories, which send you a basket of stock recommendations and leave you on your own to figure out what to do with them, Cash Machine has been designed to bring you the guidance you need to build a powerful income-producing portfolio depending on your level of risk or years until retirement.

So you won’t just receive a “list” of income opportunities. You’ll also see the best way to apply them to your personal situation through one of our two proven wealth-building portfolios—each arranged to hand you the highest returns with the risk you feel comfortable with.

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Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry
Editor, Cash Machine

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