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Nobel Prize of Income Stocks Yields 14.5%

Fellow Investor,

For more than 100 years, a Nobel Prize has been awarded each year for the achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, and peace.

To win this coveted award, prizewinners must make important and game-changing discoveries in their respected fields.

Previous winners have been Albert Einstein for discovering the cause of the "photoelectric" effect, Marie Curie for discovering radioactivity, and Sir Alexander Fleming for his discovery of penicillin.

While the Nobel organization does not give awards in the investment area, if it did, we believe that this little-known mortgage REIT that not only yields 14.5% but also has beaten the market by more than $6 to $1 would be at the top of the list — due to its incredible compounding leverage strategy.

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Lou Betancourt
Co-Founder, StreetAuthority

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