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Next market crash starts September 30, 2012

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Dear Reader:

On September 30, 2012, I believe a market-crushing
event will take place…

I see it blindsiding investors…crushing the
markets…sending our elected officials into utter panic, as
they try to find a way to spend the economy back to life.

And I can only imagine things will spiral down from

This is no exaggeration; even Bloomberg has stated this
event could “sink [the] economy” if it came to fruition.

In fact, as soon as the major media outlets hear how near
we are to this calamity taking place…you could see it spread
across the news like wildfire.

The buildup alone could send the markets into free-fall.


Because on that day, all of Washington’s efforts to prop
up the economy…all of its efforts to prevent us from sinking into
a depression…could turn around and spit in its face.

To see what I’m talking about and how it will affect you,
I urge you to learn more about what’s going to happen on
September 30, 2012 here.

Yours truly,

Sasha Cekerevac, BA
Senior Editor
Profit Confidential

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