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My Quantum 4,300% Payday!

TRUE STORY: My Quantum 4,300% Payday!

The Magic of “Quantum Investing”

TRUE STORY: How I Ran Up a Towering
4,300% Return — Between January 1st and
Sept. 21st, 2012. Like Clockwork!

“I’m running to the bank 5 times a month —
with 100% profits every time!”

  • Ken Trester, Editor, Maximum Options


How would you like to pocket a 100% gain on FIVE straight trades — on a SINGLE day every month — like clockwork?!

Hard to believe, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

So far this year, readers of Maximum Options have had the opportunity to cash out an average of 4.7 Quantum Trades per month.

On each and every one of these easy-to-place trades, readers were able to cash out a 100% gain – on ONE day every month – like clockwork!

Nice, right? Let me show you EXACTLY how I did it:

Quantum Paydays for an Eye-Watering 4,300% Return

Jan. 20, 2012 => 6 Quantum Payouts… Up 600%

Feb. 17, 2012 => 6 Quantum Payouts … Up 600%

March 16, 2012 => 6 Quantum Payouts … Up 600%

April 20, 2012 => 4 Quantum Payouts … Up 400%

May 18, 2012 => 3 Quantum Payouts … Up 300%

June 15, 2012 => 3 Quantum Payouts … Up 300%

July 20, 2012 => 7 Quantum Payouts … Up 700%

August 17, 2012 => 2 Quantum Payouts … Up 200%

Sept. 21, 2012 => 6 Quantum Payouts … Up 600%

YTD TOTAL: 43 quantum payouts amounting to a 4,300% Gain!

My friend, this is as close to “scientific profits” as you’ll find. It’s almost like you can mark the big date on your calendar – then BINGO.

I’ll bet you’re intrigued…

LAST CALL: I’m Setting Up the Tables for October.
Care for a Risk-Free Hand?

You’re just in time to participate in my big October payout. If you don’t experience exponential returns – you can say “No, Thanks” and pay nothing for the privilege.

I mean it. I’m that sure that Maximum Options can multiply your net worth – no matter what your age or investing experience.

Before you do, though, let me make a full disclosure… again, based on the facts.

My Quantum Trades so far this year have provided readers with an 80% chance of winning… and a 77% chance of getting a 100% gain with every single trade!

Want details on my latest batch of closeouts? My pleasure…

I went 6-for-6 on September 21st – scoring a sweet 100% gain on ALL SIX of my Quantum Trades:

Sept. 21 => +100% on SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)

Sept. 21 => +100% on SPDR Select Energy Fund (XLE)

Sept. 21 => +100% on BHP Billiton (BHP)

Sept. 21 => +100% on iShares Emerging Markets Index Fund (EEM)

Sept. 21 => +100% on Monsanto (MON)

Sept. 21 => +100% on Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)

If history repeats, October will be another HUGE month for all of us.

Time to Join America’s “Wealthy Elite”—
Let’s Rig the Odds in YOUR Favor

My name is Ken Trester. I’ve traded options since the first exchanges opened in 1973.

I may be America’s best-known options advisor, but it wasn’t always that way…

I started out teaching options to college kids in Huntington Beach, California. Most were flat broke — yet mine was the most popular course on campus!

They didn’t stay broke for long. Here’s why…

I exposed a little-known technique that, as far as I knew, only Wall Street traders were lucky enough to employ. I call it “Z-Trading”…

But why should only the Rich & Powerful get to exploit it? Heck no…

This secret technique lets the average investor stack the odds — and win 80+% of the time!

And here’s the kicker: The lion’s share of wins are 100% WINNERS.

I trade myself in many of the picks I share with thousands of readers… and I’ve enjoyed 27 consecutive years of profits, without a single break.

No, I didn’t get there with regular options. These “bread and butter” trades are all most options traders do, and I dabble in them occasionally…

But why risk your hard-earned cash on speculative investments? Especially when there’s a way to make far MORE money — with far LESS risk. Look, I’ll prove it…

Just take a look at 10 of my recent closed Z-Trades:

  • Scored 100% profits on AIG…
  • Scored 100% profits on SPDR S&P 500…
  • Scored 100% profits on Joy Global…
  • Scored 100% profits on BHP Billiton…
  • Scored 100% profits on iShares Emerging Markets…
  • Scored 100% profits on Humana…
  • Scored 100% profits on iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund…
  • Scored 100% profits on Aflac …
  • Scored 100% profits on Mosaic Technology …
  • Scored 100% profits on Align Technology …

Wow! I scored 100% profits — and did it ten times in a row.

Now, I know not each of my Maximum Options members make every trade, but if you would only have jumped in a few of these trades, you’d need an EXTRA WALLET to carry around the incremental loot.

Do Yourself a Favor: Give It a Shot with
Just $250 of “Adventure Money”

You may think I’m crazy to say this.

I want you to throw out everything you’ve ever heard about options. “It’s dangerous… it’s for pros… it’s so volatile.”

It’s all B.S., and I can prove it…

Fact is you can start out with what you have lying around the house. I’m not kidding. You only need $250 in “adventure money” to start making returns like you’re reading about here.

I’ll let you in on my #1 secret. It’s not about going long or short…

You see, plain vanilla options aren’t where I’m making the biggest killing.

A little-known tactic in the options world lets you make a profit — even before you actually close the trade!

Here’s how it works. You simultaneously sell — and buy — one option for the same stock as a single transaction.

The order is crucial. By selling the more expensive option first, you immediately lock in a nice income (or credit) before buying the cheaper option.

You actually make money — no matter what happens to the option’s value later on!

And get this. You can manage each trade so that you NEVER lose.

End Your Year on a High Note: PREVIEW YOUR SNEAK-PEEK OF THE

Call it a trick if you want. I prefer to call it the “Z-Trade Loophole”…

So few people know about it. Yet it’s perfectly legal… and downright lethal to the market makers on the other side of the trade when triggered by a pro like me.

Don’t Feel Guilty… America’s Top 1% Have
Been Cashing In On Z-Trades for Years

Never heard about the “Z-Trade Loophole”? I’m not surprised.

Grizzled Wall Street traders have at least 25 names for it.

But they’re not going to stand up and scream, "Look at the big profits I just made!"

They’re doing their darned best to hide it from the public. You see, it’s their “insurance policy” to guarantee an insane bonus — year after year.

The concept is startlingly simple. A master tactician like me can exploit it with ease.

Every week, I run an intensive computer scan of the options market to find the best Z-Trades to write for high income. I’ll repeat: Each “Play of the Week” provides an 77% probability of earning a 100% profit.

Who else promises you a realistic shot at placing you “in the money” an amazing 77 times out of 100?

Not once… not twice… but sometimes up to 10 times a month!

“YES–80+% Odds Sound Good to Me!”

We banked six 100% winners in January…

Six 100% winners in February…

Six 100% winners in March…

FOUR 100% winners in April… THREE in May… THREE in June… SEVEN in July… two in August and six 100% winners in September. Here’s the nitty gritty on my latest batch:

Z-Trade Loophole Being Exploited for 100% Gains!

Z-Trades – My July, August and September Closed Positions
Symbol Position Date Bought Entry Sold Price Closed % Return
IWM iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (IWM) Aug 76-72 Put credit spread 7/30/12 $0.30 8/17/12 $0.00 100.00%
VIAB Viacom (VIAB) Aug 44-39 Put credit spread 7/16/12 $0.35 8/17/12 $0.00 100.00%
ALGN Align Technology Jul 31-28 Put credit spread 7/9/12 $0.40 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
MOS Mosaic Company Jul 45-40 Put credit spread 6/25/12 $0.35 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
AFL Aflac Jul 36-32 Put credit spread 6/11/12 $0.30 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
IWM iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund Jul 72-67 Put credit spread 6/25/12 $0.35 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
HUM Humana Jul 65-Aug 60 Put credit spread 6/4/12 $0.10 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
EEM iShares Emerging Markets Index Fund Jul 32-29 Put credit spread 6/4/12 $0.30 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
BHP BHP Billiton Jul 60-55 Put credit spread 7/2/12 $0.30 7/20/12 $0.00 100.00%
GLD SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) Sep 149-143 Put credit spread 8/20/12 $0.30 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%
XLE SPDR Select Energy Fund (XLE) Sep 64.5-60 Put credit spread 8/6/12 $0.30 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%
BHP BHP Billiton (BHP) Sep 62.5-57.5 Put credit spread 8/20/12 $0.40 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%
EEM iShares Emerging Markets Index Fund (EEM) Sep 37-34 Put credit spread 8/6/12 $0.30 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%
MON Monsanto (MON) Sep 80-75 Put credit spread 8/13/12 $0.35 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%
BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) Sep 62.5-57.5 Put credit spread 9/10/12 $0.30 9/21/12 $0.00 100.00%

Check out my entry prices. Ten cents… thirty cents… forty cents…

The trick is finding cheap, underpriced options. It helps that my computerized modeling system (based on three decades of real-time, real-life trading) tells me where the bargains are.

“Buying low” reduces your risk while maximizing your return. The result? Even when an occasional trade works against you, you still win!

It’s OK to do a double-take, but it’s 100% TRUE…

In 2011, I exploited the Z-Trade Loophole 72 times. A mind-boggling 50 of these ended up “out of the money” — and every one gave us a 100% return.

Amazing! FIFTY 100% winners in just 52 weeks!


The best thing about stock options (and Z-Trades specifically) is you can use them to profit in any market—up, down or flat. And almost as good as that, you have numerous ways with which to exploit them.

Most traders know the basics of stock options. You buy an option and, if all goes right, the option quickly increases in value, at which time you sell the option and pocket your profit.

But hands down, Z-Trades are my favorite trading tactic. I like to call this tactic "Investor Jiu-jitsu." Here’s why…

Jiu-jitsu is a Japanese form of combat. The primary tactic is to use your opponent’s strength against him and, at the same time, find a weak spot that is unprotected.

That’s what Z-Trades are all about—using the market’s momentum against itself and piling on profits, month after month. They let you — the individual trader— swipe money that the big guys aren’t protecting.


I have profited with Z-Trades almost 80% of the time over the last 30 years. How?

You win with Z-Trades when an option expires worthless. And many more options expire worthless than pay off. (See all the zeroes in my chart above?)

See what I mean? A Z-Trade simply takes a negative and turns it into a positive.

With a Z-Trade, I introduce you to an option I think is going to decline in price. If I’m right, you make a profit. If the price falls to zero, you make 100% of your expected profit. Which is a good thing, because 80% of option prices do exactly that.

In fact, your risk is the amount of the spread, generally only $250 or $500 per contract because I only recommend “cheap” options.

You don’t need to worry about having enough money to buy the stock. You only need enough money to close the spread in a worst case scenario. This dramatic risk reduction works hugely in your favor—it significantly reduces the amount of cash you need on hand for collateral.

I recommend a new Z-Trade every week in the Friday issue of Maximum Options.

The greatest danger? That you might open too many positions. As with any investment tactic, it is best not to go overboard. Don’t get greedy.

That’s all there is to it.

Just Ahead: The Most Lucrative Z-Trade
I’ve Ever Exploited?

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything right away. Every recommendation I make spells out exactly how to enter your trade.

After you’ve placed one or two, you’ll be very comfortable with how it works.

Plus I’ll rush you 11 FREE Special Reports to browse through at your leisure…

And guess what? There’s a good chance you can place Z-Trades with your existing broker. (Yep, even the old workhorse Charles Schwab will work just fine.)

Let me put it in a nutshell what you get with Maximum Options:

  • Low-cost option trades that set you up for potential 100% profits — rather than the ordinary 5%-15% range for stocks (if you’re lucky)
  • “Slam Dunk” Options Trades — these income and growth vehicles complement your current stock trades (don’t believe the hype; options work for aggressive AND conservative investors)
  • FINALLY, my famous Z-Trades — You benefit from huge capital gains while getting PAID UP FRONT — so you get what amounts to your first trade FREE. And with so many Z-Trades closing for 100% profits… I suggest you focus on this killer tactic first!

Join me at Maximum Options, and you’ll never look back.

Don’t Kick Yourself Later

You have every reason to give Maximum Options a try:

Let me remind you what’s on offer:

* The world’s leading options pro who scored 27 straight years of profits — without ever facing a losing year.

* Winnings on “slam dunk” options where my models indicate a strong movement just ahead, like:

  • 100% profits in 9 days in Zipcar puts
  • 492% profits in 3 weeks in NYSE Euronext calls
  • 129% profits in 10 days in Monsanto calls
  • 110% profits in 11 days in Lubrizol puts
  • 115% profits in 3 weeks in United Rental puts
  • 208% profits in 6 days in Unisys puts
  • 105% profits in 20 days in Avnet calls
  • 110% profits in 2 weeks in Canadian Solar puts
  • 143% profits in 11 days in Gamestop calls
  • 108% profits in 3 weeks in Foster Wheeler puts
  • 135% profits in 4 weeks in Dillards calls

*and MOST importantly, my expert advice on how to exploit the “Z-Trade Loophole.” It’s the only way I know of to regularly rake in an unbroken series of 100% gains. It helps that you get paid in advance… before putting any real money on the table!

We’ve hit pay dirt 45 out of 56 times so far this year… and no fewer than 43 of these have been for 100% PROFITS.

It’s all about achieving steady, CONSISTENT returns. And to prove I’m no Johnny-come-lately, take a peek at my returns in years past:

Year % Trades Dollar Profit % Total Return
1998 47% $36,015 301%
1997 48% $42,227 352%
1996 42% $20,569 124%
1995 50% $44,432 261%
1994 47% $33,576 335%
1993 29% $12,253 86%
1992 29% $12,633 52%
1991 40% $43,589 167%
1990 49% $129,032 537%

* Total returns include approximate commission costs using a deep discount broker (4% of amount invested).

Now for My Latest “Play of the Week”…

Wait, it gets better. Any other day, you’d have to pay $1,995 to get on board.

Today, I’m putting most of that right back in your pocket. This is the easiest decision of the year — thanks to this exclusive preview of our One-Time Only Sale. It hasn’t officially started yet. But today, you have the chance to get in on the savings before the sale even starts.
for details

Give Maximum Options a try and get into the next trade.

All this comes your way the moment you join:

  • Yours FREE!5-6 shots at breaking the bank each week! “Slam dunk” calls and puts will boost your cash position… then get ready to exploit my Millionaire-Maker “Play of the Week.”
  • Your twice-weekly issues of Maximum Options. Each Thursday and Friday after the market closes, I write up all new buys, sells and updates. To make it simple… I tell you exactly what to tell your broker.
  • Easy-to-execute trades from the man with a 27-year winning streak. Did you know I trade actively in my own account — with the same recommendations I send you? If you buy and sell stocks, you’ll have no trouble trading options and Z-Trades.
  • Free, unlimited access to the Maximum Options private web site Dive in for updates on all current trades, Flash Alerts, and my latest Special Reports (especially helpful for new subscribers)
  • Special Flash Alerts. Sometimes I just can’t wait to tell you one of our trades has hit its price target. These could arrive anytime — day or night.
  • Your 10 FREE Special Reports — I took my 30-year options career and compressed it into 11 wealth-building reports for new options traders. Each one is worth $49… but all are FREE when you respond today:
    • Best Way to Start Trading Options
    • Controlling Stocks for Pennies
    • Supercharge Your Investment Income
    • How to Hit Home Runs
    • Get Paid to Buy Stocks for Less
    • Options Glossary
    • The Best Way to Speculate With LEAPs
    • Making Money in a Down Market
    • Covered Call Writing
    • 10 Basic Rules for Buying Options

If you have any doubts whatsoever, I’ll make a deal with you….

Take 90 days to give Maximum Options a trial run. Paper trade for a while (but not too long… given how sizzling my Z-Trades are performing so far in 2012).

If you’re not happy with all your profits, you can cancel within 90 days, even the very last day for 100% of your money back.

And you can keep your 11 Special Reports for free… my “Thank You” gifts for giving Maximum Options a legitimate shot.

Join here.

Welcome aboard. Now let’s start exploiting the lucrative Z-Trade Heaven!,


signed: Ken Trester

Ken Trester

Editor, Maximum OptionsFREE

P.S. Don’t forget, I’ll rush you 10 FREE Special Reports as soon as you join. They’re yours to keep, forever, with absolutely no obligation.

Plus when you respond within 24 hours, I’ll throw in the granddaddy of them all, absolutely FREE. It’s called “Z-Trade Loophole: Ken Trester’s Favorite Way to Make Money.”

Welcome to Maximum Options.


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