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Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip — It’s No Joke

The Next American Economic Revolution

Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip Is the End of Made In China Era

3D PrinterHave we found a way to take back our industrial manufacturing power from China? Maybe.  As the economy continues to recover from a near fatal disaster not too many years back, innovation is coming to the forefront.  Is a new revolution coming for the American economy?  It could very well be happening as we speak.  As proclaimed by The Fool’s David Gardner about 3-D Printing.  3D printing is becoming known as the 21st Century Printing Press.

The opportunity to profit from a transformative technology like this comes along once in a lifetime. Technology experts say it could be “bigger than the internet.”

“Wall Street know-it-alls laughed when we said the host of The Tonight Show was onto something. But it’s no joke — his favorite new gadget is launching a 21st-century industrial revolution that will end the “Made in China” era — and generate serious wealth for well-positioned American investors.”

3-D printing is not new, but innovations and streamlining of the technologies are new.  New developments have made this technology much cheaper and in doing so has opened the door for innovation and revolutionizing of the industry.

The Air Force already bought one. So did Rolls Royce, Black & Decker, and Chipotle. Jay Leno has one in his garage (but it’s not a car). And now that the sticker price has plummeted from $100,000 to $1,299, it won’t be long before everyone buys one.

Business Insider says it’s “the next trillion dollar industry.” The Economist has gone even further, comparing its potential impact to the steam engine and the printing press.

3D FashionJust as the home color desktop printer revolutionized the desktop publishing industry, 3-D printing technology looks to revolutionize industries with cumulative revenue generation into the multi-billions.  Imagine if you will the small fashion design company.  They generate their model, insert the parameters and hit print.  Out pops the latest fashion spring 2015 fashion designs.  Will this replace the fashion designers?  Probably not, but it will add a new job to that market, the 3-D printing programmer.

What about the architect that wants to show his clients a scale model of his idea for their new building?  Insert parameters, hit print, and bam…the a scale replica model of an idea just made tangible in the minds of the architects clients.  What better way to sell an idea?

How long until these revolutionary devices will be affordable enough to be used in consumer homes?  Well, with all technology the further it advances the cheaper it gets.  Eventually pricing gets to a point where a product or technology can be mass produced.

Jay leno, the famous talk show personality and car enthusiast, put together his own little 3-D print and manufacturing shop too.  His passion for his cars forced him to look for solutions that would help him refurbish old and rare model automobiles.  An example Leno used was his need to replace an aluminum part for one of his cars.  It was impossible to patch up so they fabricated a new one with the aid of 3-D printing technology.

“As might be expected, Mr Leno’s tools are among the best available—a $3,000 scanner from NextEngine and a $15,000 printer from Dimension, not to mention a Fadel CNC machining centre, which must have cost upwards of $100,000. Apart from a hydraulic lift and a plentiful supply of compressed air, your correspondent’s humble workshop has nothing to compare. But his three old cars present similar problems.” From and article by The Economist.

The U.S. Military and Medical Device industries is using it for prototyping of new concepts and theories.  The list goes on and on.  All in all, the process cuts weeks and even months of the old process of designing and die casting and creating molds.  We could go on and on about how 3-D printing technology will revolutionize engineering design, manufacturing and blueprinting in every industry that utilizes such things. (Which is an awful lot) The main point is, how can you profit from this?

The first steps would be to identify the companies that are leading the charge in this industry.

Dassault SystemesOne for example would be Dassault Systeme which actually trades on the Pink Sheets under (Pinksheets: DASTY).  This is the company that is a leading supplier of CAD and AutoCAD (computer aided design) software.  A very well known company and isn’t much of a surprise.  Dassault Systemes develops Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions powered by three-dimensional (3D) representation. Co. also provides its expertise in 3D technology to businesses of all sizes in many industries. In addition to the development and distribution of software products, Co. also provides services related to its software products and solutions and obtains other revenue from its support of IBM’s marketing and distribution efforts, direct support to customers, technological consulting services, and hardware resale activities

 Click on image for larger size of DASTY chart:


SSYSAnother leader could well be Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis,  a maker of additive manufacturing machines for prototyping and producing plastic parts. The company markets under the brands uPrint and Dimension 3D Printers and Fortus Production 3D Printers. The company also operates RedEye On Demand, a digital-manufacturing service for prototypes and production parts. Stratasys manufactures 3D printers for Hewlett Packard, which it sells under the brand Designjet3D. In 2011 Stratasys acquired 3D printer maker Solidscape Inc. According to Wohlers Report 2011, Stratasys had a 41-percent market share in 2010, and has been the unit market leader for the ninth consecutive year. Stratasys patented and owns the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM®) process. The process creates functional prototypes and manufactured goods directly from any 3D CAD program, using high-performance industrial thermoplastics. The company holds more than 285 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents globally.

“Bringing together 3D printing and printed electronic circuitry will be a game changer for design and manufacturing,” says Jeff DeGrange, VP of direct digital manufacturing at Stratasys. “It has the potential to completely streamline production by requiring fewer materials and steps to bring a product to market.”

“They just shocked Wall Street by reporting a year-end income figure that more than doubles last year’s record earnings. They’ve locked in a sweetheart distribution agreement with old pro Hewlett Packard to sell their products and services in Europe. And unlike most fast-moving technology companies, they don’t have a penny of debt, just tens of millions of dollars to pour back into R&D.”

Click on image for larger size of SSYS Chart:

The next one is making aggressive moves in the industry also.  “They’re also reporting revenues 47% higher than last year, nearly doubling the free cash on their balance sheet. They have “almost as many patents as employees” (and they have 1000 employees). They just bought out their biggest direct competitor. And their founder and chief technology officer is the scientist who first invented 3D printing at that tiny laboratory I told you about — beating technology giants like 3M and Fujitsu to the punch.”

DDD3D Systems trading under the symbol (DDD) a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers alike. The company also provides creative content development, design productivity tools and curation services and downloads. Its expertly integrated solutions replace, displace and complement traditional methods and reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used to rapidly design, communicate, prototype and produce functional parts, empowering its customers to create with confidence.

The company plans to display its most affordable full-color 3D printing solution, the ZPrinter® 250 along with the 3DTouch™, a 3D printer that fits every budget.  3D Systems is offering attractive packages that combine the precision of its ProJet™ printers with the productivity and full-color of itsZPrinters® at price points designed to help engineers shave time and money off their demanding development schedules. With access to Quickparts® on demand parts service and the portable ZScanner® for reverse engineering and inspection, attendees can tap into the most complete range of affordable 3D content-to-print solutions available on the market today.

 Click on image for larger size of DDD Chart:


The next step would be to seek out more up and coming companies and peripheral sectors that these new 3-D technologies will be creating.  Stay tuned as we uncover additional 3-D gems in the market place….Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip

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