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America’s biggest oilfield is ready to pay YOU

It’s another Bakken breakthrough—America’s biggest oilfield is ready to PAY YOU steady income. Soon you’ll be receiving big distribution checks that might as well be signed “From the Bakken with love.”

Income Investors:
There’s a SAFE Way to Play
Bakken Oil Gushers

Follow the “smartest, best-managed energy company in America” into the historic Bakken Shale.

Then sit back, relax and let the Bakken send generous, five-figure distribution checks to you like clockwork. Because this extraordinary company also pays you great, generous yields.

It’s an income investor’s dream come true: The millionaire-making capital- gains power of America’s hottest oil field COMBINED with supersized distribution yields that can make you seriously wealthy.

North Dakota—the state once known as America’s “Siberia”—is about to offer you another superb wealth-building opportunity.

We’ve all heard about lucky investors pocketing windfall returns from the Bakken Shale, one of the largest, most prolific oilfields in the world that just happens to be in our own backyard.

But what most investors don’t know is the Bakken is for income investors, too. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard because this news is hot off the press—most investors don’t have a clue!

So if you’re an income investor who thinks the Bakken and its big payoffs are only for lucky, fat-cat high-rollers… DON’T!

The greatest oil discovery in U.S. history is about to hand income investors a double-barreled opportunity to receive supersized distribution checks like clockwork as well as windfall, triple-digit capital gains that can change the course of your life.

Read on to find out how you can easily be one of them… with a single trade!

Into the Bakken with the Mighty Energy Cash Machine

It all starts with a company I believe is one of the smartest, best-managed companies in the entire energy sector… and maybe the entire planet.

Now they’ve got a big piece of the action in the Bakken Shale. And it’s going to pay off lucratively for income investors.

My colleague Elliott Gue and I refer to this company as the “Mighty Energy Cash Machine” because of its amazing ability to fatten the wallets of our subscribers.

To date, we’ve gained 148.4%… or an annualized gain of 49.4% over each of the three years we’ve owned the stock.

And here’s the sweet icing on this cake…

Along with triple-digit growth, our subscribers are also enjoying big, fat monthly distribution checks that arrive every single quarter—a solidly pleasing 7.5% is the yield as I write.

Even better, these checks are the best kind of checks—the safest, tax-free way to grow your nest egg in the whole world of investing.

That’s because my favorite pick is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP), making our investment even better. I’ll tell you more about these unique investments later.

But first, I want you to know this stellar MLP is expected to grow its already generous distributions at a 7% to 9% annualized rate over the next few years.

Indeed, they’ve increased their dividend twice in the past 15 months.

For income investors, this is what it’s all about—growing your dividends—especially in an era of feeble bond interest rates and weak corporate dividend yields.

A few details: The MLP owns proven, high-producing properties in the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast.

They employ a brilliant, three-pronged strategy of mature well development, inspired acquisitions of new oil and liquids-rich gas wells, and ingeniously opportunistic “hedging,” which I’ll explain in just a bit.

This strategy results in extraordinarily rapid production growth—the firm has boosted its average daily output by more than 30% over the past year—and steadily rising distribution payments to shareholders.

What’s more, the CEO projects this company’s capital investments will continue to deliver quarter-over-quarter production growth of at least 6%.

As I mentioned, we’ve gained 148.4% very quickly with this stock—and we’re looking forward to more growth ahead.

Here’s Another Big Plus…

You can look in every nook and cranny of the energy sector and you won’t find a lower- risk stock than the Mighty Energy Cash Machine.

That’s largely because this partnership is one of the craftiest “hedge-hogs” in the energy industry.

By that I mean they know how to lock in very favorable selling prices for all their oil and natural gas production for years to come.

Indeed, I count them among the best deal-makers in the business.

They’ve hedged all of their oil output through 2013 and all natural-gas production through 2015.

Under these existing contracts, they’re guaranteed to receive $97 per barrel for oil production and $5.45 per thousand cubic feet for natural gas.

These are excellent prices to cover most contingencies. This bodes extremely well for the future given the current uncertainties about oil and gas prices.

Little wonder this outfit’s financials are second to none.

“Thriving” is too weak a word to describe the magnitude of business for this incredibly busy company.

Now They Own a Big Chunk of the Bakken

This is great news for investors. The MLP’s reputation for brilliant management and excellent results promises wonderful things to come in one of the greatest oilfields ever discovered in North America.

To put this opportunity in perspective, there are about 685 million barrels of proven oil reserves remaining in the Middle East.

By comparison, in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota alone, veteran producers estimate the ultimate total of recoverable oil as high as 20 billion barrels.

So far the Mighty Energy Cash Machine has built its acreage position to 17,000 net acres in the Williston Basin, which includes the Bakken Shale. I expect them to acquire even more in the near future.

The partnership’s net production from the 65 Bakken wells in which they’ve participated so far has averaged a very profitable 3,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day—up 40% over the production at the time of the acquisitions.

This year the company plans to spend approximately $54 million in the Bakken to participate in about 100 horizontal wells.

In the Bakken, as in all their ventures, the MLP’s strategy is tailor-made for long-term investors. Management always ensures all acquisitions are proven oil reserves. This keeps risk to a minimum. The chances of hitting dry wells are therefore low.

On the Move in All the Right Directions

Earning income from the Bakken bonanza is strike-up-the-band news, especially for investors who are retired or anywhere near it.

But that’s only one of the many good things coming from this remarkable company. In all likelihood this year will be a breakout year for the MLP and its investors.

I state this with great confidence because my top pick is zeroed in on yet another of the hottest regions of the “Great American Energy Renaissance.”

It’s called the Granite Wash, but it has nothing to do with laundry or kitchen countertops.

The Wash, which is spread out under the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma, is a distinctive formation created some 350 million years ago when the middle of the North American continent lay submerged beneath a warm, tropical sea.

The unusual formation is actually a gigantic sand bar created in the Mississippian Period of the Paleozoic Era when this ancient inland ocean—the Western Interior Seaway—flooded over a mountain range.

To make a multi-million-year story short, the eroding process washed granite materials from the land and deposited them onto the ocean floor.

You may wonder: What’s the big deal about a huge load of underground gravel that’s been lying peacefully underground for the last few eons or so?

Here’s the Big Deal: The Granite Wash is
“Awash” in Precious Liquids Called NGLs

You know about NGLs, don’t you? If not, you should.

In a nutshell, NGLs are liquids produced during the manufacturing, purification and stabilization of natural gas—principally ethane, propane, butane, isobutane and natural gasoline.

Petrochemical companies consider NGLs a cheaper substitute for oil and are buying the precious liquids hand over fist.

The key point to remember about NGLs is that they tend to trade at prices which track crude oil more closely than natural gas—and you know what’s happening to the price of oil lately.

The higher the price of oil, the richer the profits made from NGLs. Hence the mad rush to acquire these valuable liquids.

I don’t have to tell you, despite daily oil price fluctuations, the age of easily-recovered, inexpensive oil is over and done.

The main thing to remember: NGLs are valuable petroleum substitutes found in vast abundance right here in the U.S.—just as the era of cheap foreign oil has ended.

Here’s the payoff for us…

My Top Pick is “All Over” the Liquids-Rich Granite Wash
with 600 Drilling Locations to Date

The company bolstered its “full speed ahead” strategy last year with the purchase of additional prime acreage in the Granite Wash.

After nailing down over $530 million in acquisitions in the Wash, they’ve pinpointed 600 of the best drilling locations. Rates of return on these wells are expected to be greater than 50%.

Overall, the partnership is looking to drill about 340 new wells this year with 53% of the announced capital budget earmarked to the Granite Wash.

This level of spending points to at least 75 new horizontal wells slated for drilling in the liquids-rich Wash.

Sounds like this busy company has plenty on its plate, doesn’t it?

There’s more…

Oil Drilling in the Backyards
of Orange County Millionaires?

When this outfit shelled out $291 million for property in northern Orange County, California, I knew something was afoot.

Most buyers in the OC are looking to build palatial homes or commercial buildings.

It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure my top energy pick was after what they believe is underneath this valuable property.

California, after all, is still the third largest petroleum-producing state with about three-quarters of a million barrels of oil pumped each day.

My top energy pick, it turns out, has acquired a prime oil asset in the Los Angeles Basin—which includes the OC—with a very low decline rate of about 3% per year.

A quick check with my sources revealed that this company—with its high-tech drilling capabilities—believes its acquisition in the glamorous OC will pay off in 270 wells expected to last for nearly 40 years.

Wherever You Look…

Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest—this independent oil and gas development superstar is at the center of the action in the Great American Energy Renaissance.

It’s just made key additions to properties in the Permian Basin in West Texas and the sector of the Williston Basin that lies in Eastern Montana, in addition to red-hot North Dakota.

So far, drilling results appear to be exceeding expectations.

The MLP is also hard at work in the Appalachian region—the oil- and natural gas-rich Marcellus Shale which lay hidden for all these eons under the rolling hills of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.


The global energy map is being redrawn.

Energy companies are—for the first time since oil was discovered under the sands of the Arabian Desert nearly a century ago—looking away from the Middle East and toward the West.

My favorite pick is in a dominant position, in terms of its impeccable management, state-of-the-art drilling technologies, brilliant oilfield acquisitions and unequaled hedging strategies, to profit from the historic development of American energy.

Business is gushing for this busy company. The future looks incredibly bright for them—and for us, as investors.

My investors and I have already pocketed a gain of 148.4% on this stellar company, with plenty more to come, we’re sure. And we’re enjoying solid 7.5% distribution payouts every quarter as well.

Mind you, we believe these rewards are just the beginning of another eye-popping run-up for this brilliantly resourceful, ever-expanding company.

And that’s precisely where you come in.

I’ve studied the energy field for over two decades. I believe this crack outfit is one of the best ways to play the global battle for energy, especially soaring petrochemical demand for NGLs and the development of America’s massive oil and gas shale fields.

Sound intriguing? Then I have some good news for you.

I’d like to extend a Special Invitation your way—an opportunity to get in on this energy superstar and check out a bounty of other wealth-generating and highly tax-advantaged MLPs—simply by giving our MLP Profits investment newsletter a try. Be my guest and put it to your own personal test—the tougher, the better.

The MLP Profits newsletter will enable you to build wealth and lock in the retirement of your dreams.
Why MLPs? Why now?

To answer, let me go back to 1986.

With Ronald Reagan in the White House (who else?), the U.S. government passed a sweeping tax act that had a profoundly beneficial impact on investors.

The idea was to increase the development of domestic energy resources—and encourage investors to join the party.

What happened next was unprecedented.

In effect, the government exempted these unique companies—called Master Limited Partnerships—from corporate taxes.

That’s right, MLPs pay NO corporate tax—in a country with a corporate tax rate among the highest in the world.

Hard to believe, I know. But it’s true.

There are more amazing advantages to MLPs.

For example, you don’t buy stock in an MLP, you become a partner, one who doesn’t have to come to work, attend meetings, pay taxes or do any of the other time-consuming duties of a conventional partner.

But you DO get paid—and very well at that.

MLPs, unlike regular corporations, pass 80% to 90% of their income to their partners (as an investor, you become one), and you pay taxes only when you decide to sell.

Yes, as an investor in an MLP, you may defer your personal income tax liability for as long you like: years, decades… even forever.

How many times have you bought a stock, watched it sink, then read in the papers how the miserable, incompetent failure of a CEO hauled in a 7-figure bonus… his or her blunders notwithstanding?

That’s highly unlikely to ever happen in the universe of MLPs.

In an MLP, your interests are exactly the same as those of the general partners—because you’re a principal owner, too.

In fact, the general partners have a genuine incentive to run their operation as profitably as possible. If the MLP loses profit, THEY lose profit.

All Those Advantages, Plus High Yields
and Big Capital Gains…

My top-secret pick is by no means alone in posting mouthwatering gains and (these days especially) downright spectacular yields.

Here are some of the other MLP winners in our portfolios right now. The gains and yields shown are current (as I write) and are expected to move higher in the weeks and months ahead.

Right now we’re racking up…

  • 169% in marine LNG transport—current yield 6.9%
  • 181% in midstream energy assets—current yield 5.4%
  • 119% in an energy fund—current yield 6.8%
  • 127% in Permian Basin energy—current yield 7.4%
  • 141% in oil and gas midstream services—current yield 5.5%
  • 142% in pipeline operations—current yield 4.8%

These are all current portfolio positions—with room to grow even more capital gains plus solid yields.

Imagine what such safe, steady gains could do for your retirement plans.

Especially today, when 10-year Treasury bonds yield a miserly 1.9%… and 1 year CD’s dribble out a thin, weak 1.05%… and when the S&P 500’s average yield on dividend-paying stocks is less than a paltry 3%.

What kind of retirement will an income payout like those above buy you? Not the “golden years,” for certain.

I truly believe: If you do not include these energy MLPs in your portfolio, you’re cheating your own future.

We’ve painstakingly researched the Mighty Energy Cash Machine and will be delighted to send you our complete report just for giving MLP Profits a try.

When you do, you’ll quickly realize that our online service gives you access to some of the most extraordinary investments you’ll ever come across.

Here are just a few examples…

  • THE STEADY PAYMASTER. The independent gatherer and marketer of crude oil in North America kept its streak of quarterly dividend raises intact throughout the financial crisis and Great Recession, a testament to management’s conservatism and shrewd maneuvering. In fact, the MLP has almost doubled its distribution since 2007. Plus, we see more capital gains ahead with the company’s new oil storage terminal set to come on line in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale.
  • HAPPY VOYAGER. The superbly managed operator of dry-bulk tankers which has locked in its tanker revenue with long-term contracts, thus eliminating exposure to near-term swings in tanker rates. We’re up 121% to date with the current yield a whopping 10.1%—plus excellent dividend safety.
  • PIPELINE TO PROFITS. This big-time operator has exposure to every step in the lucrative process of preparing raw natural gas for market. It owns more than 7,000 miles of gathering pipelines, three processing facilities, 17 treating plants and 10 conditioning plants. These assets service a number of shale gas plays, including the Permian Basin in West Texas, the Marcellus Shale in Appalachia and the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana. A home run for our investors that keeps paying off.
  • THE HEAVY LIFTER. Holds stakes in nearly 30,000 miles of pipelines, and owns 180 bulk terminals and transloading facilities that handle more than 87 million tons of coal, petroleum coke and bulk products. Transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel through 8,400 miles of pipelines and stores products in 60 U.S. terminals. Up 125% since we invested (5.1% current yield) and we’re looking forward to even more gains.

Again, the MLPs above are just a partial list of the full portfolios that will be at your fingertips in MLP Profits.

I’m inviting you now to take three full months to look over all my recommendations before you decide to continue. As I urged earlier, put them to your own personal test—the tougher, the better.

I think you’ll quickly see that investing in these unique high-yield-plus-strong-capital-gains MLPs can earn you substantially more income in the coming years than you’d ever make in conventional stocks and funds.

If it turns out you disagree, simply cancel at any time for a full 100% refund, without any questions.

Try a 3-Month Risk-Free Subscription Now

To get you started, I’ll send you two free bonus reports:

  • MLPs: Conservative Cash Cows
  • Ultimate Tax Shelter for Income Investors

The global quest for energy—proven energy, to be specific—is the true unstoppable megatrend of our time. But never forget…

With the diversified investments in our portfolios, you benefit from both the dominant producers (such as my top-secret recommendation) and highly profitable “midstream” companies.

The latter include pipeline operators, storage managers, import/export terminals, distributors, processors, transporters and shippers who handle and move the product once it’s out of the ground.
Key advantage: Oil and gas prices will rise and fall (as they always do), but these service businesses continue doing their jobs and collecting their fees like clockwork.
Owning midstream companies amounts to having a “hedge” all your own.

Think of these MLPs as sitting fat and happy in the tollbooths. collecting lucrative fees as they gather, process, transport and store the fuels the whole world desires.

This phenomenon is nothing new.

It’s happened time and time again throughout history—from the days of King Cotton… to the California Gold Rush… to the Great Texas Oil Boom… smart investors “buy” businesses that are indispensable to the producers.

Thus have great fortunes been made by those who never harvested a crop, panned a creek or drilled a well!

I want your fortune to be counted among the new ones being made—and MLP Profits is the best way to get started.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Log On…

MLP Profits is a web-based advisory service that covers every single MLP trading on the major exchanges. Log on and you’ll find…

  • Viewpoint. Offering an in-depth look at a timely partnership opportunity or events in the marketplace you need to know about. This section keeps you up to speed on everything that matters in the MLP sector.
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The timing couldn’t be better…

The Great American Energy Renaissance has opened the door to ANOTHER major global energy market that can release a torrent of profit and send it flowing your way to fund your retirement dreams.

Many investors just can’t wrap their minds around it: The global energy map is being redrawn just as maps of the world were years ago after the great explorations of the 14th and 15th centuries proved conclusively the world was round.

To repeat, energy companies are—for the first time in almost a century—looking away from the Middle East and toward the West.

According to a major report in the Wall Street Journal

“Driving the change is the boom in unconventionals—the tough kinds of hydrocarbons like shale gas and oil sands that were once considered too difficult and expensive to extract and are now being exploited on an unprecedented scale… The U.S. is at the forefront of the unconventionals revolution.”

And my favorite energy MLP today—the Mighty Energy Cash Machine—is leading the way among top U.S. companies.

Years from now, other investors will scratch their heads, thinking “How did we miss this?”

We’ll be sitting right there… banking your profits.

You don’t want to miss out on this investing opportunity of a lifetime.

Try MLP Profits.

Try it now by activating your 90-day guaranteed, no-risk subscription.


Roger Conrad
Roger Conrad
MLP Profits

P.S. Don’t forget: You’ll receive free, full details on how to profit from my top MLP recommendation, along with two exclusive bonus reports… just for taking a look at MLP Profits.

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